Choosing the best programming language for mobile applications can be confusing, especially if you lack information related to the world of mobile programming. Some have many concerns related to application development. Maybe they have a web platform and wonder how to make a website a mobile app or what language to use to develop a mobile app.

Choosing the best language for application development depends largely on the operating system with which you will be working. The point is, different operating systems support different mobile programming languages. For example, Swift and Objective C are used for iOS applications, Kotlin and Java are used for the Android operating system. On the other hand, React Native is ideal for both.

Objective-C and Swift

When the first iPhone appeared, Objective-C was the only choice if you wanted to develop an application or game for iOS. The problem with Objective-C is that over time it has become quite old and not so simple for new developers.

Swift developed in open source, is managed by Apple which is the main contributor but many members of the Swift community as well as other actors such as Google and IBM actively participate in its development. Swift is officially supported on iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS operating systems.

Java and Kotlin

The Android operating system relies heavily on the fundamental principles of Java. The Android SDK incorporates many standard Java libraries, including data structure libraries, graphics libraries, math libraries, networking libraries and everything else you could want. Special Android libraries that help develop great Android apps are also available.

Java is a popular programming language especially for developments on the Android operating system. but over time, Android developers loved Kotlin for its concise and clear syntax.

Kotlin’s official support for Android development was announced at the 2017 Google I / O conference. For the Google Android team, this decision to support Kotlin was easily explained. The most important thing, according to Google, is that Kotlin is interoperable with the official languages ​​for Android development (Java, C ++) and the Android runtime.

React Native (JavaScript)

If the languages ​​mentioned above are designed to create applications for the iOS or Android operating systems, React Native is one of the framework used for the development of mobile applications for both operating systems. Clearly, it is used to create a cross-platform application that works on different platforms, instead of creating separate applications for each system.

For many, JavaScript code, implemented in the React Native framework (developed by Facebook
), is identified as one of the preferred multiplatform solutions for creating Android and iOS applications. Thanks to React Native, it is possible to work on two different OS using a single platform.

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