There is no doubt that the power of artificial intelligence is unlimited, and we have already seen the emergence of a wide range of applications based on artificial intelligence in areas such as photography in order to raise efficiency, and as a company Vivo believes in the deep integration of artificial intelligence technologies in the fifth generation era, includes the phone Vivo S1 Pro several great AI-powered features, the most prominent of which are:

Take professional photos:

The S1 Pro has an impressive quad camera with 48 megapixels enhanced with artificial intelligence technology, which will provide a new experience for photography enthusiasts, and the S1 Pro also includes a camera with an ultra wide angle, which contributes to increasing the range of shots taken;

Selfies exceed expectations:

The selfie camera on the S1 Pro comes with a 32-megapixel camera, enhanced by artificial intelligence technology, that allows users to explore their own style thanks to the many internal photography patterns that this means that users can take selfies with quality that exceeds their expectations.

Smart features for better pictures:

Thanks to the advantages of the S1 Pro, the user can focus on capturing the most beautiful pictures anywhere or anytime, regardless of their mastery of photography. Among the main features of the phone that rely on artificial intelligence technology are the following:

  • Facial beautification feature
  • Gender recognition feature
  • Make-up feature
  • Ideal Mode feature
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